Rhonda always said as a child she was going to be an artist.  But growing up in a rural area in the late 60’s, the possibility of ever making a living with art was slim, and highly discouraged.  So she relented, and chose a related field of study.  Then, when she married a shepherd, and was given a spinning wheel as a wedding gift, and went on to raise natural colored sheep herself, she discovered there was this whole vast category of art called fiber; and that the sewing, knitting, quilting, and other techniques she had been taught as a child, and was still learning and doing had been an art form all along.

Spinning and the business of selling fleeces gradually led to experimenting with dyes.  Then watercolors led to painting on silk, and then to combining techniques of painting on silk with quilting.  Over time, the lines separating one practice from another blurred into oblivion.  The variety of media and techniques has since become a source of interchanging of ideas, and are often put to use in the contracting business.

Though life has been a distraction from the art at times, and the media has changed according to need, there has always been a project in the works.  Recently with the farm returning to an emphasis on the sheep and wool, so has been the focus of the artwork.

The newly discovered needle technique has been combined with previous methods of wet felting and re-purposing of wool fabrics to open a whole new range of wool felted creations.

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Wool Art

Examples of Rhonda’s wool and felt art.

Needlefelt Animals

Needlefelt Pictures

Human figures

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